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Strategic Publishing : Open Access

Getting published

As a researcher, getting published requires a publishing strategy!

Identifying where to submit your work can be challenging; a publishing strategy will help to get your work accepted, and then read by the right audience.


Image SourceGetting published, the University of Otago Library.

Visit the Western Library for information about strategic publishing of your research findings in journals, books and conferences, and how to get noticed.

Making a start

At the beginning of your academic publishing career, the choices you make about where you submit for work for publication may enhance your long term academic reputation. Submit your work for publication to reputable, peer-reviewed, academic journals or conferences which target the audience of your research. A good place to seek advice is through your informal networks i.e. your supervisor/s, research colleagues, and members of learned societies.

The Open Access Scholarly Publishers Association (OASPA) has published the 3rd edition of Principles of Transparency and Best Practice in Scholarly Publishing. It provides 16 points of what they look for when assessing the quality of a publication.

International Standard Book Numbers (ISBN)

An International Standard Book Number (ISBN) identifies a book by format (print, audio etc.), edition, and publisher.

It is not necessary for an ISBN to be issued for the same publication unless it will be distributed in both print and electronic formats. To obtain a Western Sydney ISBN  please read the relevant guidelines below before requesting an ISBN.

Please check the eligibility guidelines below before requesting an ISBN.


  • Western Sydney University must be the sole publisher. Copyright may be jointly held with an external body.
  • Grey literature authored by a staff member (adjuncts included), student or organisational unit.
  • Monographs authored by a staff member, student or organisational unit if accompanied by email approval from the chair of the relevant departmental research committee or equivalent.
  • Print versions of Western Sydney University hosted conference proceedings (full-text, peer reviewed)
  • Print research reports.
  • Publication must contain a research component. Disputes will be resolved by the appropriate divisional Research Committee.
  • Publication must be eligible for inclusion in ResearchDirect.
  • Document must include a separate title page, author affiliation statement, copyright statement and acknowledgment of commissioning body if appropriate. Suggested citation and appropriate creative commons license are optional.

Note: A research report does not require an ISBN to meet the government guidelines or be eligible for National or State Legal Deposit.


  • Western Sydney University theses.
  • Draft documents.
  • Project Reports prepared for funding bodies, unless they contain a research component.
  • Learning and teaching materials.

Download a copy of the eligibility guidelines.

The Library will submit the final version of your publication to the State and National libraries on your behalf.

Please email your School Librarian for assistance.

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