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Strategic Scholarly Publishing

About strategic scholarly publishing

As a researcher, choosing where to publish and how to promote your research is critical. Strategic scholarly publishing involves following a systematic approach to ensure you publish in the most effective outlet and maximise success in publishing endeavours. This will help raise your academic profile, increase your work's visibility and impact, add to the reputation of WSU as a world-class institution, and contribute to scholarly discussions in your field.

High-Impact Publishing

This guide will provide you with a range of tools and strategies that can best help you accomplish your objectives, e.g.,

  • How to find the best publications and conference venues in your discipline
  • How to build your scholarly profile
  • How to communicate the impact of your research in ways that will resonate with a broader audience
  • What you can you do to assess and quantify the impact of your research

Process summary

  • Consider your publishing targets - check your school/institution's Academic Unit Work Plan Policy
  • Plan your project and its outcomes - how many papers are you aiming to write, and within what timeframe?
  • Set realistic expectations and define the boundaries of what is possible and desirable to achieve
  • Comply with funder requirements
  • Open Access versus the traditional model of publishing
  • Identify the right journal for your paper and determine your target audience
  • Amplify the impact of your research
  • Offers a balanced publishing strategy

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