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Research Metrics

Boost your metrics

Be more visible

  1. Join Kudos, a platform to help you reach a broader audience
  2. Make your publications open access
  3. Submit your publications to ResearchDirect
  4. Engage with stakeholders and research end-users.

Establish your researcher identity

  1. Get an ORCID — populate and use it, and put it on your email signature
  2. Set up other identifiers and research profiles relevant to your discipline.

Share your data

  1. Deposit your research data (or a record of your research data) in ResearchDirect
  2. Assign an appropriate licence to the research data.
  3. Associate your publications with the research data.

Use a publishing strategy

  1. Create a shortlist to choose the right publishing source
  2. Use terminology appropriate to your field, e.g., Scopus criteria used for THE Impact Rankings methodology
  3. Use your institution's standardised affiliation format when submitting publications.

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