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Research Metrics

Book metrics

Find book citations

Search for your books using cited reference searching to see if they have any citations.

Other metrics to measure book influence


  • Australian and international library holdings
  • use in university reading lists
  • book reviews
  • sales figures from publishers
  • prestige of publisher
  • news coverage
  • translations
  • number of editions.

Search for library book holdings

  • OCLC WorldCat — find out where and how many copies of your book are held in libraries worldwide
  • Trove — discover where in Australian libraries your books are held
  • Library Hub Discover — search the catalogue of major UK and Irish libraries
  • The European Library — search the catalogue of Europe's leading libraries

Library holdings of a title may indicate its reach and interest. For example:

"Book X, published in 2001, is held in 15 Australian libraries and 28 libraries worldwide, demonstrating its international reach and longstanding interest (Trove; OCLC Worldcat, 22/8/19)"

Find out how to use book reviews to demonstrate your impact.

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