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Research Impact Evidence

Research impact

We define the impact of research as the verifiable outcomes that research makes to knowledge, health, the economy and/or society, and not the prospective or anticipated effects of the research. Impact is the effect of the research after it has been adopted, adapted for use, or used to inform further research. Research impact also includes research that leads to a decision not to use a particular diagnostic, treatment or health policy.

National Health and Medical Research Council

NHMRC identifies four specific types of impact:

A note on which outputs to include evidence from

The case study reflecting research impact may relate to your whole CV or a subset of research activities. Metrics and evidence will need to be sourced to match the publications/contribution directly related to the case study. It may also be useful to contextualise the contribution to the impact study in terms of your whole career.


To track your influence, attention and impact in some systems, it is necessary to have an ORCID that is up-to-date and linked to Western Sydney University - see Researcher Profiles for instructions.

Gather your research impact evidence

Browse the metrics online tutorial [TBC] to find evidence from various databases.

The Library can also offer tailored sessions for specific schools/institutes. If interested, please contact your School Librarian to schedule a time that suits.

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