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Researcher Profiles

WSU Researcher Profile

Asking the Library to add your ORCID to your WSU Researcher Profile will improve your publication workflows and enhance identity management at WSU, making it easier for the University to associate all your research activities with you uniquely.

Benefits to using the WSU Researcher Profile

When you add your ORCID to University systems and also submit your ORCID when publishing, you:

  • reduce the administrative efforts to process your publications information, e.g. when supplying your full list of publications for grant applications, potential collaborations or internal promotion opportunities
  • can share the identifiers linked to your ORCID in your WSU Researcher Profile
  • provide accurate data for mandatory Government reporting requirements such as the Excellence in Research for Australia (ERA)
  • provide accurate data for Institutional reporting
  • provide accurate data to raise the visibility of your research. If you have an accurate and well-developed Researcher Profile, this will be reflected in Google and Google Scholar

WSU Researcher Portal is a searchable database of Western Sydney University research experts. This information is accessible to WSU employees only. The WSU Researcher Portal also includes publication statistics from ResearchDirect. Log in to view your personal statistics and search for other WSU authors.

ORCID and ResearchDirect — essential information

All WSU academic staff have a Researcher Profile. Once you have your ORCID, it's highly recommended that you add all other identifiers to your ORCID record and maintain it. The more well-populated your ORCID record is, the more value researchers and the entire community can gain from participating in ORCID.

When your ORCID record is added to ResearchDirect, your ORCID will also appear against your WSU Researcher Profile. See the ResearchDirect guidelines for more information about the WSU Researcher Profile.

Even though the platforms appear under Works in your linked ORCID record, you may need to add individual publications to your WSU Researcher Profile manually. Contact your School Librarian if you have questions.

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