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Open Access

ResearchDirect and open access

ResearchDirect is Western Sydney University's open access institutional repository for research outputs.

You can make your work openly accessible by depositing the Author Accepted Manuscript (postprint) version of your article in ResearchDirect.

Benefits of self-archiving in ResearchDirect ('Green' Open Access)

  • Promotes visibility of research. Publications deposited in ResearchDirect are visible and accessible through a global network of services such as Google, Google Scholar and Trove.
  • Provides a persistent web address for each article that can be used for citation
  • Enables researchers to manage and promote their publications

Deposit in ResearchDirect

  1. Log in to submit your publications to ResearchDirect
  2. Enter your WesternAccount ID and Password to log in and submit a publication. Before submitting your publication, please ensure it is not already in the ResearchDirect Repository, as the Library harvests Western Sydney University publications from various sources on your behalf.
  3. Follow the landing page instructions. Mandatory fields are marked with *:
    • Select the publication type and year
    • Enter details and affiliations for each Author
    • Enter each subject relating to your article by selecting FoR and SEO codes
    • Upload file(s) that describe or validate the publication. Upload the publisher's PDF and if possible, the accepted manuscript (the final version of the paper before the addition of publisher details) to be made freely available in ResearchDirect in accordance with publisher embargoes. Also, add a description for each file uploaded e.g. Full text / Proof of peer review / Front matter
    • Submit the information for processing by Library staff.
  4. To the Comments section, add the appropriate embargo release date for the manuscript. Tip: Search for the manuscript’s journal in Sherpa Romeo to check the embargo period
  5. Click on Submit

If your publication is not in ResearchDirect, refer to the ResearchDirect guidelines.

Once processed by the Library, all eligible publication types (see ResearchDirect guidelines) will appear in ResearchDirect, Research Portal and Staff Profiles.

What version can I deposit into ResearchDirect?

ResearchDirect accepts deposit of either the Authors Accepted Manuscript (postprint) or the Publisher’s PDF (The section titled What is open access? explains the different versions). However, which version - if any - the journal publisher will permit you to deposit will vary from publisher to publisher. Most publishers will permit authors to archive the postprint and NOT the publisher's PDF in an institutional repository.

Watch What is an Author Accepted Manuscript (post-print)? (YouTube, 1m43s)

Check Sherpa Romeo for the version publishers will allow being submitted. Your publisher’s author agreement will identify the publisher's rights and any residual rights of the author(s).
Open access archiving of book content

ResearchDirect can also archive open access copies of books and book chapters. Like articles, funding bodies may mandate that books and book chapters from funded research are open access. Publisher policies on archiving book content vary greatly.

Upload the Author Accepted Manuscript of your book or book chapter to ResearchDirect. The Library will determine if it can be deposited to the repository and apply an embargo accordingly if required. In ResearchDirect, the book or chapter will be set to automatically change to openly available at the end of the embargo period. Contact your School Librarian if you are unsure.

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