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International Day of the World's Indigenous Peoples

WSU Indigenous Authors and Publications

Following is a list of publications by Indigenous scholars at Western during 2020-21:

Bailey, P., Ebner, N., Moustafa, A., Phillips, J., Leon, T., & Weidemann, G. (2021). The weight of advice in older age. Decision (Washington, D.C.). 8(2), 123–132.

Coates, S. K., Trudgett, M., & Page, S.. (2021). Examining Indigenous leadership in the academy: A methodological approach. The Australian Journal of Education. 65 (1), 84–102.

Coates, S. K., Trudgett, M., & Page, S. (2020). Indigenous higher education sector: The evolution of recognised Indigenous Leaders within Australian Universities. The Australian Journal of Indigenous Education.1-7.

Coates, S. K., Trudgett, M., & Page, S. (2021). Islands in the stream: Indigenous academic perceptions of Indigenous senior leadership role, Higher Education Research and Development, 1-17.

Coleman, R., Hartz, D., & Dahlen, H. The Experiences of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Bachelor of Midwifery Students: An Integrative Literature Review. Women and Birth: Journal of the Australian College of Midwives. 34(1). 69-76.

Doyle, K., Hungerford, C., Pitt, C., Saunders, P., & Wilkey, K. (2020). Indigenist Leadership in Academia: Towards an Aspirational Model of Mindful Servant Leadership. In Cultural Competence and the Higher Education Sector (pp. 137-157).

Doyle, K., Zarb, L., Wilkey, K., Sale, K., Pitt, C., & Vindigni, D. (2020). Embedding Cultural Competence in Faculty: A Mixed-Methods Evaluation of an Applied Indigenous Proficiency Workshop. In J. Frawley, G. Russell, & J. Sherwood. (Eds.), Cultural Competence and the Higher Education Sector (pp. 277-293).

Grace, R., Skerrett, M., Ritchie, J., Greenwood, M., & Trudgett, M. (2020). Early childhood education and care for Indigenous children and their families from colonised nations: Working towards culturally meaningful service provision. In J. Murray & B.B. Swadener (Eds.), Routledge International Handbook of Young Children’s Rights (pp. 315 – 220).

Haile, L., Kamenov, K., Briant, P. S., Orji, A., Steinmetz, J., Abdoli, A., Doyle, K., & Rao, C. (2021). Hearing loss prevalence and years lived with disability, 1990–2019: findings from the Global Burden of Disease Study 2019. The Lancet (British Edition)397(10278), 996–1009.

James, S., Castle, C., Dingels, Z., Fox, J., Hamilton, E., Liu, Z., Doyle, K., & Abdelalim, A. (2020). Global injury morbidity and mortality from 1990 to 2017: results from the Global Burden of Disease Study 2017.Injury Prevention, 26(SUPP_2). 

Jones, C., Collyer, E., Fejo, J., Khamchuang, C., Painter, A., Rosas, L., Mattock, K., Dunajcik, A., Escudero, P.,  & Dwyer, A. (2020). Developing a parent vocabulary checklist for young Indigenous children growing up multilingual in the Katherine region of Australia’s Northern Territory. International Journal of Speech-Language Pathology

Locke, M. L. (2020). Yanna Jannawi – Walk with Me. Centering Indigenous Ways of Knowing in Early Education and Care Services [PhD Thesis, University Technology Sydney]. Opus.

Locke, M.L., Trudgett, M., & Page, S. (in press). Beyond the doctorate: Exploring Indigenous Early Career Research trajectories. The Australian Journal of Indigenous Education. [Accepted for publication on the 23rd July, 2021]. 

Menzies, K. (2020). The efficacy of a child protection training program on the historical welfare context and Aboriginal trauma. Australian Social Work.

Menzies, K. (2020). A new paradigm - Bringing a historical and socio-political trauma lens to the training for welfare practitioners working with Aboriginal families. Children & Society

Morseu-Diop, N., Sullivan, C., & Cruickshank, S. (2021). Post-Colonialism (Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders). In V. Hutton, & S. Sisko (Eds.), Multicultural Responsiveness in Counselling and Psychology: Working with Australian Populations.

Norris, Dean. (2020). Factors influencing recovery of neuromuscular function post Australian Rules football matches [PhD Thesis, Western Sydney University]. ReadingsDirect.

Norris, Dean, Joyce, D., Siegler, J., Cohen, D., & Lovell, R. (2021). Considerations in interpreting neuromuscular state in elite level Australian Rules football players. Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport, 24(7). 702-708.

O’Brien, G. & Trudgett, M. (2020). School house to big house. The Australian Journal of Indigenous Education, 49(98-106).

Piatote, B., Sullivan, C., Smith, C., Diver, S., Weir, J., Burton, N., & Goldring, H. (2020). ‘Pass the Ball’: So you care about Indigenous scholars? (Poster Series). Ad Astra Comix, Canada.

Povey, R., Trudgett, M., Page, S. & Coates, S.K. (in press). On the Front Foot: Indigenous Leadership in New Zealand Higher Education. Higher Education Research & Development. [Accepted for publication on the 1st July, 2021].

Povey, R., Trudgett, M., Page, S. & Coates, S.K. (2021). Where we’re going, not where we’ve been: Indigenous leadership in Canadian higher education. Race, Ethnicity and Education, 1-17.

Saunders, P., Doyle, K. (2021). Gambling interventions in Indigenous communities, from theory to practice: A rapid qualitative review of the literature. Journal of Gambling Studies

Smith, C., Piatote, B., Sullivan, C., Weir, J. Diver, S., Burton, N., & Goldring, H. (2020). ‘Extraction Zombies’: So you care about Indigenous scholars? (Poster Series). Ad Astra Comix, Canada.

Smith, C., Sullivan, C., Piatote, B., Diver, S., Weir, J., Burton, N., & Goldring, H. (2020). ‘SS Academy’: So you care about Indigenous scholars? (Poster Series). Ad Astra Comix, Canada.

Sullivan, C. (2020). Indigenous Australian experiences of sex work: Stories of Agency, Autonomy and Self-Determination [PhD Thesis, Macquarie University].

Sullivan, C. (2020). Indigenous Australian sexualities explored through the lens of sex work. In A. Datta, P. Hopkins, L. Johnston, E. Olson, & J. M. Silva (Eds.), Routledge International Handbook of Gender and Feminist Geographies (pp. 17-26).

Sullivan, C. (2020). Who holds the key? Negotiating gatekeepers, community politics, and the “right” to research in Indigenous spaces. Geographical Research, 58(4). 344-354.

Sullivan, C, Piatote, B., Smith, C., Weir, J., Diver, S., Burton, N., & Goldring, H. (2020). ‘Indigenous Land’: So you care about Indigenous scholars? (Poster Series). Ad Astra Comix, Canada.

Trudgett, M.Page, S., & Coates, S. K. (2021). Peak bodies: Indigenous representation in the Australian Higher Education sector. Australian Journal of Education.

Trudgett, M., Page, S., Coates, S. K. (2021). Talent war: Recruiting Indigenous senior executives in Australian universities. Journal of Higher Education Policy and Management. 43(1), 110–124.

Venigalla, M., Roberts, T. L., Raju, R., Mrad, M., Bodkin, F., Kopp, K., Doyle, K., & Münch, G. (2021). Identification of tetragocarbone C and sideroxylin as the most potent anti-inflammatory components of Syncarpia glomulifera. Fitoterapia, 150(104843).

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