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How to Access Articles Via Google Scholar

Using Google Scholar

Google Scholar is particularly useful when there is a reason to believe that documents not covered by Web of Science or Scopus are important for an evaluation. Citation counts are very strong across all areas and databases (in most cases over .90, although sometimes lower in some fields of the Humanities). It finds most well-known sources, and sectors of scholarly communications previously hidden from view. This can be useful in literature searches, as well as for those who need to compile evidences of research impact for a collection of outputs.

How to Access Articles Via Google Scholar

  1. Once in Google Scholar, select the Settings link in the menu below.
  2. Click on Library links.
  3. Search for 'Western Sydney University'.
  4. Once you find the listing, select 'Western Sydney University – Fulltext @ WestSydU Lib'.
  5. Click on the cookies link (below the Save button) and follow the instructions to enable cookies.
  6. Go back to Library links page and click on Save. Google Scholar should now recognise you as a Western Sydney University student.
  7. In your search results, click on 'Fulltext @ WestSydU Lib' to gain access to the full text articles.

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