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Evidence Based Practice

What is Evidenced Based Practice?

Evidence-based practice is a process of clinical decision-making based on the best available evidence that has been critically assessed in the context of the needs and holistic profile of particular individual patient.

Strauss et al 2011 defines this as “integrating the best available research evidence with clinical expertise and the patient’s unique values and circumstances”.

Strauss, S. E. (2011). Evidence-based medicine: how to practice and teach it.Elsevier.

Understanding Evidenced-based practice

Graphic EBP processFollow this link to view interactive learning modules from Duke University:

Relevant Article Databases

Journal articles often provide the most current and authoritative research on a topic. The Library subscribes to databases to provide you access to these sources which are usually not freely available via the World Wide Web. You can search databases on your chosen topic and locate full-text articles, abstracts of articles or citations. Check the Catalogue by journal title if the database does not give you the full-text or a linkage to full-text elsewhere. A comprehensive listing of databases is provided on the main e-Resources page

Key Resources

Dictionaries and encyclopedias are a good starting point when researching a topic as they provide definitions, explanations or general overviews.

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