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Ebooks Guide

Read Online

It's not necessary to download an ebook to access the content.  Users can simply read an ebook online in their web browser by clicking on a link to the ebook. From here they can browse chapters or search within the ebook.

Download to your computer

You are not permitted to download the entire ebook due to publisher copyright restrictions. However you can save and print a limited number of pages. Check the Printing and copyright restrictions section of this guide.

Download to your mobile device

You are not permitted to download ebooks onto your mobile device due to publisher copyright restrictions however you can read these ebooks on your device by browsing to the ebook via the Library's website

Download limits (loan lengths)

As you are unable to download ebooks there is no loan length. Instead, you can read the ebooks online.

Printing and copyright restrictions

There are restrictions on how many pages you can print or copy from an ebook.  These permissions are set by the publisher - not the Library.

How to check copying and printing limits for an ebook

  1. Browse to the chapter or pages you want to save or print, then select the relevant icon in the menu on the right side of the screen.
  2. A window will appear displaying how many pages you can print for this particular ebook.

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