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Referendum: The Indigenous Voice to Parliament

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people should be aware that resources in this guide may contain images, voices or names of deceased persons. There may also be culturally sensitive terms or language used in some of the resources in this Guide


Please use caution and critical reading skills when engaging with the Voice to Parliament campaign material. There are examples of misinformation and disinformation within the debate. The AEC's disinformation register is a resource to help determine whether information is reliable.

Check out for information about how the Voice to Parliament would be set up and would work if the Referendum is successful. For more information and support in evaluating the information download resources from the Community Toolkit to help you to prepare for your conversations.

Advertisements - The Voice to Parliament

Indigenous representatives explain the model for the Voice


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Indigenous representatives and others explain why they are critical of the Voice


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Voice to Parliament Information and Self Paced Learning

If self paced learning is preferred, then here is a simple Training module to help you understand the current proposal. 

Media Coverage of the debate

The Saturday Paper has made all their articles about the Voice to Parliament Referendum available at no cost. Contributors to the Saturday paper include Barry Jones, Paul Bongiorno, Karen Middleton, and John Hewson.  

**You may need to register an email address.** 

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