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Open Textbook Initiative

Getting Started

Ensuring your ORCID iD is accurate and up to date is essential for several reasons:

  • First, people searching for your work discover a complete and accurate record.
  • Second, it helps distinguish you from other academics (including those with similar names).
  • Third, it ensures your work is correctly credited to you.

Before you dive into research metrics, we recommend you do the following (click the hyperlinked headings for help):

  • Create an ORCiD
    ORCiD provides a unique digital identifier for individuals to use in research, scholarship, and innovation activities. This is designed to be a permanent identifier – it stays with you no matter which institution or country you are in and whether or not your name or your field of research changes. First, upload your publications to your ORCiD. Then, populate as many other sections as you wish to create an overview of you as an academic. You can then use your iD to share information with other academic systems - saving you time and hassle and ensuring you get recognition for your activities. 

Contact your School Librarian for assistance with managing your online author identity.  

Pressbooks Analytics

Your achievements and influence are demonstrated by:

  • Collaboration
  • Influence and impact
  • Tracking and Improving Community Engagement/Contribution (e.g., when knowledge is shared with the community).

Demonstrating contributions will require evidence and usage data that is easily captured when using the Pressbooks platform to create, adopt, or re-use Open Textbooks.

Additionally, the Student Feedback on Teaching (SFT) Surveys can assist with content use and other feedback about the resource you created as an Open Textbook.

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