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List of e-resources available to Alumni members. These resources are licensed for personal, non-commercial and research purposes only. Access is granted and bound by the IT acceptable use of resources policy.




The Alumni e-resources platform has recently been upgraded, resulting in improved access to previously listed databases and new databases added. See the new A-Z listing below for all available databases. Please note, the content of individual databases remains unaffected by the upgrade. 

Due to the platform upgrade, your existing browser bookmarks may no longer display as expected. If so, you can reset your bookmarks with the links from this page.

If you are not able to access Alumni e-resources, please check the following possible reasons:

  1. You may have reset your Alumni password. If this is the case please contact Information Central. You must use an Alumni password issued by the Library to access Alumni e-resources.
  2. You are not using the Alumni password provided to you by the Library. Please check that you are using the Library issued Alumni password. If you cannot find your Alumni password please contact Information Central.

For any further assistance with Alumni resources please contact Information Central


Alumni e-Resources

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