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Leganto Subject Guide: Sections

Adding sections

Leganto lists are arranged in sections. These can be weekly or subject-themed as required. To add a new section:

1. Click NEW SECTION button.

2. In the Title box, type the name of the new section.

3. Add some information in the Description box if required.

4. Click CREATE

The new section will appear at the top of the list, and can be re-ordered (moved) to a different area of the list.

add a section


Re-ordering sections

Please note: When moving a section, all the resources in that section will move too. To re-order sections:


1. Click the Toggle section view icon in the top left of the menu bar. This collapses the section contents so sections can be moved easily.

toggle section view

2. Mouse over the right hand edge of the section until the blue panel appears.

drag section


3. Click and drag the section to the desired location, then click Toggle section view again to reveal section contents.

drag section like this

note: Citations can be moved individually from their sections by using the blue drag bar in each citation.


Deleting sections

Your list will be pre-populated with resources used in the previous session. You can start a list from scratch by deleting these sections or just delete sections you don't want. note: deleting the section will also delete the readings in that sectionTo delete sections:

1. Click the action btton elipsis action button
2. Click "Delete section"

delete section


3. Click “OK” in the ‘Are you sure …?’ pop-up dialogue box.


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