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Leganto Subject Guide: Create /manage your list

Create/manage your list

Create your own list by deleting everything and starting again or manage the existing list by adding, deleting and rearranging.

1. Log in to unit vUWS site.

2. Turn on edit mode and click the Readings & Resources tab in the left menu.

Readings & Resources tab in vUWS

3. The Leganto reading list will open in a new window.

4. Leganto lists are arranged in sections. You can delete all the sections and start from scratch, or rename and rearrange sections.

5. Each section has a list of resources which can be deleted, by clicking the elipsis action buttonaction button and then Delete item 

delete items

You can add new resources by clicking add items button

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Add the Readings & Resources tab to vUWS

If the Readings & Resources tab is not present in the vUWS site it can be turned on from the Tool Link menu option.

1. Log in to unit vUWS site, click + then select Tool Link

add tool link

2. In the Name field add: Readings & Resources

3. From the Type drop menu select: Reading List

4. Ensure the Available to Users checkbox is ticked and click Submit.

    The Readings & Resources menu item will appear at the bottom of the list.

adding tool link steps

5. Click & drag the Readings & Resources menu item to the standard location in the Learning Zone section.

click & drag from the bottom of the menu          Click & drag to the learning zone

After adding the Readings & Resoruces tab in this way there are two options for behaviour when you click the link.

1. If the Libray has processed a list for the unit number in the past, the Leganto list will open in a new window for you to edit.

2. If the Library has not processed a list in the past, a Leganto Welcome screen will appear. Click create itto begin

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