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EndNote is a program for storing and managing bibliographic references recommended for current Western Sydney University students and staff. EndNote allows you to import references from library catalogues or other electronic databases and to search, edit and integrate references into a Word document.

To download EndNote:

  • Installers are located here. You will need to Sign in to My Library if you haven't already done so.
  • Select the link to Digital Object.
  • Download the appropriate Endnote 21 for your operating system.

Note: some people have been reporting issues downloading from certain browsers. The Library recommends using the Chrome browser if you are having issues from your browser.

Please see the Library FAQs relating to installation for your operating system:

Staff on university devices will find EndNote in the Software Centre, under Applications.


Western Sydney University Output Styles

References in your EndNote library can be formatted in various bibliographic styles such as APA, Harvard WesternSydU, Vancouver WesternSydU and others using a Style File. Please check with your lecturer or tutor if you are uncertain which style to use for a particular subject.

EndNote has a range of reference and citation styles used by Western Sydney University. Some exceptions include the AGLC and Harvard WesternSydU style. These Style Files can be downloaded and saved to your computer.

Use the link below to download the style file. Follow these instructions to save the file into your EndNote Styles folder.  Once downloaded, it will be available for use in EndNote and Word.

Style Date Download
AGLC Western Sydney 25 May 2017 Download AGLC Western Sydney
Harvard WesternSydU 9 July 2019 Download Harvard WesternSydU
Harvard WesternSydU Annotated 9 July 2019 Download Harvard WesternSydU Annotated
Vancouver WesternSydU 19 July 2022 Download Vancouver WesternSydU
Other Output Styles Offered by Clarivate

Additional Output Styles can be downloaded from Clarivate. Use Clarivate’s Style Finder to search for a style name, citation style, and/or publisher and to check for the latest version of an output style, e.g. APA 7th. You can access over 6,000 styles offered by Clarivate: EndNote Output Styles.



References exported from the library catalogue or publisher platforms can be imported into your EndNote library in three ways:

Direct Exporting

References can be exported directly to your EndNote library from search results retrieved via the Library Search Box on the Library website. For more information on this process, see the Library EndNote 21 Training Notes.

Filter Files

Where direct export is not available many databases allow citations to be saved in a particular format and be imported into EndNote with a Filter File. Filter Files enable EndNote to ‘read’ the saved information to import the data into the appropriate fields. Support is available on the Filter Finder Clarivate website.

Connection Files

It is possible to access records in some library catalogues directly through EndNote.

Download and install the Western Sydney University Connection File: Western_Sydney_U, to search the Library Search Box from inside EndNote. You'll find instructions on Installing EndNote Connection Files in the Clarivate Knowledgebase.

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