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Confidentialised Unit Record File (CURF) and TableBuilder: TableBuilder

Confidentialised Unit Record Files (CURFs) from key Australian Bureau of Statistics surveys. Included also is the ABS TableBuilder online tool for creating your own tables of Census data.

About TableBuilder

TableBuilder is an online tool for creating your own tables of Census data, of all variables contained in the Census Output Record File, including age, education, housing, income, transport, religion, ethnicity, occupation, family composition for all ABS geographic areas.

The User Manual provides detailed instructions about how to build, customise, save and export tables and graphs in TableBuilder.

TableBuilder can be used to:

  • construct tables using data variables you select
  • display counts, percentages and relative standard errors in your table
  • select from categorical variables (eg state, age, sex)
  • calculate means, medians and quantiles for continuous variables (eg income)
  • create custom ranges from continuous variables
  • create graphs using your customised tables
  • save or export your tables as CSV, Excel or SDMX files.

For more information about TableBuilder, please see the Product Brief.(opens in new window)Opens in a new window

How to apply for TableBuilder

How to apply

Use your current Western Sydney University email address when applying.

Step 1: Register and activate your user account

Step 2: Join an organisation

  • Email to request to join an organisation (Western Sydney University).
  • You will then be attached to the Western Sydney University account and have access to all of the University subscribed data series.

Step 3: Subscribe to products

Step 4: Log in and use TableBuilder

  • Log in to TableBuilder via Registration Centre Home.

Step 5: Update user contact details

  • Log in to My Account to view or update user contact details.

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