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Research Data Management

Data storage

There is a difference between working storage and archival storage.

Working storage is where you store the data you are working with on an active research project.

Archival storage is where you store the final data from a completed research project.

Western Sydney University offers both types of storage.

Working storage

Working data is collected during an active research project.

The University offers online storage options for researchers to use as a secure platform to store and share working data. ( Note: Personal equipment and unsecured hard drives are not recommended as they do not protect data against unauthorised access, alteration, removal, destruction, and accidental or intentional damage.)

  • OneDrive cloud storage - All staff and students have 1TB of storage available on OneDrive. Up to 5 TB is available through the Microsoft Office 365 Online Portal by using your Western Account.
  • Cloudstor - Cloudstor will be decommissioned at the end of 2023. Only use this storage option for short term projects.
  • University network drives – Data is secured by Western Account Login credentials and systematically backed up by ITDS.

This WFH OneDrive Guide helps you connect to OneDrive for optimal use. 

Contact the IT Service Desk for assistance with these working data storage solutions.

Archival storage

Final data associated with a research project should be appropriately archived and made available for re-use and citation wherever possible and appropriate.

Datasets associated with completed research projects are described and retained by the Library in the Research Direct repository, which are then submitted to the Research Data Australia portal. This increased exposure to Western Sydney University's research output may enable new collaborations and research opportunities.

All finalised datasets are archived with a stable URL or DOI(digital object identifier) for citation purposes. 

A descriptive record will be retained in the Library's repository for long-term access and archiving. The Library works with ITDS to create secure long-term storage for archived datasets, taking into consideration privacy and access conditions associated with the data


Jewell, Paul; Reading, Judy; Kippist, Louise; Donald, Melissa (2017): Interview data from a project investigating information literacy (IL) and employability skills in the workplace for employers and business graduates in greater western Sydney. Western Sydney University.

Use Research Direct to submit a research dataset for archiving.

School and institute-specific storage

Your school or institute may store research data locally with protocols that are specific to your discipline. 

Speak to your school's research leads to gain access to these locations. 

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