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Research Data Management

Finding and reusing research data

Secondary analysis of existing data is common practice in many academic fields.  Existing data can be used to conduct new research, test hypotheses, or replicate findings from previous studies.

Using existing data can improve efficiency and reduce costs in the data collection process, reduce participant fatigue, and reduce duplication of efforts.

Use the following search portals and online repositories to find data that may relate to your research project. 

Dataset search portals


ARDC - Research Data AustraliaResearch Data Australia is an internet-based discovery service designed to provide rich connections between data, projects, researchers and institutions, and promote the visibility of Australian research data collections in search engines.


Google Dataset searchGoogle Dataset Search indexes many data repositories (WSU, Research Data Australia, DRAYD, OSF, Figshare etc) into one single platform search.



ADA Australian Data Archive

Australian Data Archive (ADA) provides a national service for the collection and preservation of digital research data comprising seven sub-archives. Social Science, Historical, Indigenous, Longitudinal, Qualitative, Crime & Justice, International. 

Open data repositories

Consult these subject-specific repositories for research datasets:

It is important to check the conditions or Creative Commons licences that have been applied to any third party datasets that you have used in your research. 

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