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Indigenous Studies

Cultural Information

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples should be aware that the resources contained in this guide may contain the names and images of deceased people. 

This tab is designed for use by Subject Coordinators and other staff at the University who may be reviewing subjects to add an Indigenous perspective or Indigenise the curriculum of their Program. 

The content listed here complements the content in the Black Lives Matter guide and the Referendum: Voice to Parliament Guide. It is recommended that these guides be used in addition to this tab. 

School of Social Sciences Learning and Teaching Showcase

General Information for Evaluating Resources for Use In the Higher Education Classroom

Indigenous Engagement and Education Website

This website contains information, resources and videos that relate to Indigenous education at Western Sydney University. resources such as the WSU Indigenous Strategy, School and Institute Indigenous strategies and the decadal strategy are located here.  

AIATSIS Guide to Evaluating and Selecting Education Resources

The AIATSIS Guide to Evaluating and Selecting Education Resources assists educators to critically self-reflect on their positionality and supports them to work from a foundation of integrity.

It allows teachers to ensure curriculum resources selected for teaching do not cause harm to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students, but rather foster trust and build a sense of pride for all.

WSU Accepted Terminology

Western Sydney University supports First People in having the freedom to identify however they feel most comfortable. The use of terminology such as 'Indigenous', 'Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander' or 'First Nations' are all acceptable terms.

True Tracks: Respecting Indigenous Knowledge and Culture  by Terri Janke

True Tracks is a groundbreaking work that paves the way for respectful and ethical engagement with Indigenous cultures.What Indigenous materials and knowledge are you using? How will your project affect and involve Indigenous communities? Are you sharing your profits with those communities? True Tracks helps answer these questions and many more, and provides invaluable guidelines that enable Indigenous peoples to actively practise, manage, and strengthen their cultural life. If we keep our tracks true, Indigenous culture and knowledge can benefit everyone and empower future generations.

Language and Place

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people have a deep connection with the place and country and a deep respect for their language. 

Dharawal: The story of the Dharawal speaking people of Southern Sydney.

To learn your country, start by learning its Aboriginal names - ABC News

Sydney Place Names 

Aboriginal History map of Sydney Map

This Place - the story behind Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander place names  | ABC TV Series showcasing a number of Indigneous communities. 

Museums and Collections

WSU Indigenous Voices Collection

A selection of recent scholarship and creative work by Indigenous authors in the Library collection that showcases the diverse voices, experiences and knowledges of Indigenous Australians. Delve into works that explore themes of identity, heritage, and resilience, while fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures.

National Museum of Australia

Indigenous cultures and contact history | National Museum of Australia (

This free classroom resource supports teaching and learning about Indigenous history and culture. It is based on the powerful stories shared by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in the Encounters exhibition.

Talking Blak to History | National Museum of Australia (

This exhibition in First Australians, on the lower ground floor, features powerful objects that explore issues including land rights, sovereignty, the Stolen Generations and more.

Songlines: Tracking the Seven Sisters | National Museum of Australia (

Songlines: Tracking the Seven Sisters was an Aboriginal-led exhibition that took visitors on a journey along the epic Seven Sisters Dreaming tracks

Australian Museum

First Nations 

Learn about the culture and experiences of First Nations people

Unsettled Exhibition

Virtual tour of the story of First Nations people since the arrival of Captain cook. 

City of Sydney

Aboriginal Histories

Aboriginal people have always lived in Sydney. This website is a celebration of their experience - includes experiences such a map of a walking tour. 

Barani website 

The Barani website provides histories of people, places and events in the City of Sydney local government area that are associated with the histories of Sydney’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.

Indigenous Learning and Teaching Reading List

Title of Resource

Bullen, J., & Flavell, H. (2022). Decolonising the indigenised curricula: Preparing Australian graduates for a workplace and world in flux. Higher Education Research & Development41(5), 1402-1416.


Description of Resource

Through reimagining approaches to graduate employability, we explore how learning experiences informed by local place-based Aboriginal values, principles and perspectives present an opportunity to develop graduates equipped to reimagine themselves in response to a world and workplace in flux

Suggested Uses

  • Context around different approaches to Indigenous education design
  • Provide model or framework for design on subject content

Title of Resource

Durmush, G., Craven, R.G., Yeung, A.S. Yeung, A. S., Mooney, J., Horwood, M. Vasconellos, D., Franklin, A., Duncan, C. & Gillane. R. (2024).  Enabling Indigenous wellbeing in higher education: Indigenous Australian youth-devised strategies and solutions. High Education, 87, 1357–1374 .


Description of Resource

The purpose of this study was to identify Indigenous-devised strategies to support wellbeing of salience to Indigenous Australian higher education students. Using Indigenous methodology, Indigenous youth (N = 7; aged between 18 and 25 years) studying at three higher education institutions in Australia participated in semi-structured interviews.

Suggested Uses

  • Considerations for learning activities to promote well being for Indigenous students

Title of Resource

Gainsford, A., & Robertson, S. (2019). Yarning shares knowledge: Wiradyuri storytelling, cultural immersion and video reflection. The Law Teacher53(4), 500-512.


Description of Resource

This article focuses on the design and teaching of a capstone law subject that is aimed at developing Indigenous cultural competency in future lawyers. 

Suggested Uses

  • Suggestion for activity design
  • Considerations for activities in the classroom

Title of Resource

Madden, B. (2015). Pedagogical pathways for Indigenous education with/in teacher education. Teaching and Teacher Education51, 1-15.


Description of Resource

This manuscript explores the central question: According to teacher educators, what are prevailing pedagogical pathways to engage Indigenous education with/in Faculties of Education?

Suggested Uses

  • Context around different approaches to Indigenous education design
  • Provide model or framework for design on subject content

Title of Resource

Page, S., Trudgett, M. & Bodkin-Andrews, G. (2019). Creating a degree-focused pedagogical framework to guide Indigenous graduate attribute curriculum development. High Education, 78, 1–15.


Description of Resource

Using a case example from an Australian university curriculum project, we describe a degree framework developed to guide the institution wide implementation of Indigenous graduate attributes. Although the case context is quite specific, the guiding principles have widespread relevance for embedding graduate attributes into university curricula.

Suggested Uses

  • Preparation for reviewing a unit
  • Framework may be used for review of subject design

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